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Since 1980 CHEMICAL HOUSE has been one of the best Laboratory Supplier satisfying the needs of a variety of customers like both Governmental (State and Central) and Non-Governmental Research Institutions , Industrial Labs, Speciality Labs and Scientific Labs in Kerala which have various demands while the science may be challenging our vision is simple to support research analysis and discovery.

For over 37 years,our employees and Management Board have shared a unity of spirit to be the most responsive firm serving the scientific community. We enjoy a synergistic relationship with world –known manufactures such as MERCK LIFE SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED, THERMO FISHER (ACROS , ALFA AESAR), TCI , SPECTROCHEM , AVRA SYSNTHESIS, BRAND, AXIVA SICHEM BIOTECH , SCIGENOME , RIVIERA GLASS(SCHOTT DURAN), ABDOS & LABTECH. These premier manufactures around the world choose CHEMICAL HOUSE to represent their brands because of the unmatched service and support that we offer with each product.

As a laboratory supplier, we supply fine, organic and inorganic chemicals, bio chemicals, biotechnology products, glasswares, plastic wares, laboratory instruments and other consumables, lab furniture, etc... Chemical House also provides services such as Sanger Sequencing, Custom Synthesis and Scientific Lab designing works.

Our Brand of Products are used in all types of laboratories for wide range of applications in Research Institutions ,Industries, Water analysis, Pharmaceutical R&D, QA/QC, etc...

Brands which we deals are distinguished by innovative design, durability & value. You can benefit even more from our excellent stand-alone products by using them together as a system. In doing so, you will be assured of accuracy, consistency and most importantly reliability in your results.

Our commitment is to provide high-speed supply of ordered products. We have three offices at SOUTH, CENTRAL & NORTH regions in Kerala keeping sufficient inventory. It enables us fast delivery to our valuable customers.