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Creating a niche of Laboratory Glassware such as Laboratory utility bottles, Laboratory Bottles, They are made of glasses which are highly resistant to nearly all chemical substances - a prerequisite for durable precision. Statistical process controls ensure strict compliance with predefined specifications. Manufacturing processes can be complex and may need to comply with strict regulatory requirements.

We offer a wide range of products suitable for the current market requirements. By the support of our principles (M/s.Riviera Glass Private Limited, M/s. BRAND Scientific Equipment Pvt. Ltd.,M/s.Merck Life Science Private Limited) skilled professionals, they manufacture Laboratory Glassware as per the industry set norms.

Our borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion, for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack. Our graduated items are calibrated to meet either Class A, class AS or Class B tolerances for use when accuracy is demanded. Products of Class A and Class AS are Conformity Certified wares. Class AS has all the features of Class A and in addition its delivery is swift (S stands for swift delivery). Class AS will have a delivery time of about 15 seconds and a waiting period of another 15 seconds. The tolerances for accuracyfor Class B remain within twice the limits defined by DIN and ISO for Class A/AS.The sturdy packaging we use helps to assure that you receive your Lab Glassware products in tact. The gamut of Laboratory Glasswares we offer includes:

Laboratory Youtility Bottles ,Laboratory Bottles,Laboratory Bottles Protect ,Production Bottles, Premium Bottles, Pressure Plus Bottles, Vials with PP Screw Cap, Blue Pure Bottles with TPCH Caps, Silica Ware, Jars & Vessels, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, Burettes, NMR Tubes, Laboratory Flasks, Volumetric Flask, Volumetric Glassware, Glass Beakers - Low Form, Tall Form & Heavy Duty, Test Tubes, Petri Dishes, Desiccators, Glass Condensers, Funnels, Glass Sintered Discs, Screw Cap & Pouring Ring for Youtility Bottles, Tags in Silicon for Youtility Bottles, Youtility Bottles Self Adhesive Label Sets, Distilling Apparatus, All Glass Filter Flask for Filter Holder, Quartz Ware, Steristoppers & Microslides, Laboratory Glassware & Accessories, Adapter, Screw Caps for Laboratory Bottles , Condensers & Assemblies, Sintered Ware etc…

The brands that we dealing are cost effective and have gone through stringent quality control mechanism for ensuring high quality standards. Our prestigious client base spread across Kerala is immensely satisfied with the excellent performance of our products.